A Kaleidoscope of Life

Well, today is the exact three years since my first post in this blog. And it seems that this blog is just-creating-and-no-more blog after all.. (-_-;)

Three years ago..

I was still in Jogja.
Doing hobbies until midnight.
Still hanging around at campus site, lecturing and playing with classmates. Not quite enjoying about the career though.. How can I? Just imagining that my colleague is three times older than me, isn’t fun at all. Had to have composed manner all the time. Aaargh! Have I told you that the salary isn’t quite good too? :p
My life is just so boring with the routines campus-home-campus-home-campus.. With the LDR I through, I’m kind of lonely too.

Two years ago..

Already lived in Jakarta since May 2009, but not yet settled.
Apparantly that my hit-or-miss job application in one of national company before I started this blog were accepted, and required me to have a training in the capital city for a year. The permanent work placement is not yet decided.
Already felt that this is the path I where want to walk. Was very enjoying the program, meet new friends, having fun like crazy. I’m just very pleased. o(^^o) (o^^o) (o^^)o

A year ago..

It appears that I was placed in Jakarta permanently. I’m not quite into the city though, but still okay. With a lot of shopping mall and easily found good food, actually this is a kind of place where I like to live. But it’s just too crowded that at some points it made me miss Jogja so much. Too bad..
My new routines job is not related at all with study field at college, so I need to study from scratch. It’s like I grabbed all new things offered to me desperately. I love to learn new things, but it was just too much. Plus, I was the only young worker in my department (the other’s just over 50 years old) so it’s like everyone relied on me to solve everything. I remember this exact date a year ago, I felt like vomitting from just looking at my computer monitor. (x_x)
The positive side, as permanent worker, I got my salary raised. It’s waaaay more than enough for fulfilling living expenses, savings, and having fun. And when compared to the old-lecturing-career, my routines now is a lot more interesting. Hanging out with friends (which not three times older than me :p) after work, and not forget to mention that my boyfriend isn’t out of reach anymore.. 😀

This year..

Everything is just get better and better..
I’m totally enjoying my life.
I think I have already adapted with the how-things-work at my job. With the bonus I can travelling abroad and all around this country, I’m kind of loving this job now. 😀
I’m able to buy things what I like. Yeah, all hail consumerism m(_ _)m
And I’m ready to take my relationship status to the next level. :p

Next year..

Just wish me more luck, okay? v(^o^)v


When You’re Gone

I’ve been wandering around the house all night
Wondering what the hell to do
Yeah, I’m trying to concentrate
But all I can think of is you
Well, the phone don’t ring
‘Cos my friends at home
I’m tired of being all alone
Got the TV on
‘Cos the radio’s playing songs
That remind me of you

Baby, when you’re gone I realize I’m in love
The days go on and on and the nights just seem so long

Even food don’t taste that good
Drink ain’t doing what it should
Things just feel so wrong
Baby, when you’re gone, yeah

I’ve been driving up and down these streets
Trying to find somewhere to go
Yeah, I’m lookin’ for a familiar face
But there’s no-one I know
Oh, this is torture, this is pain
It feels like I’m gonna go insane

I hope you’re coming back real soon
‘Cos I don’t know what to do

(Bryan Adams & Mel C – When You’re Gone)

These last two months..

More or less, I’ve felt that way..


Just please coming home often, will you? 😥

Mirai no Monogatari o Egakou..

“Mirai no monogatari o egakou”

The transliteration is:

“Let’s paint a story of the future”

Hmm.. A very nice phrase isn’t it?

It’s a lyric from Shining Ray by Janne de Arc. I still haven’t found the reason yet why these last days I kept hearing it all over my head and humming it ineloquently without realizing it. Not that I hate the song, it’s very good indeed. Quoting what a friend ever said to me few years ago “It’s weird, how when we hate a song we actually became to know it very well!”

This song was used as a soundtrack for One Piece anime. Well, I’m not an anime freak, but I do love anime! And One Piece is one of my favorites. I’ve been a fan of it since I was in high school (and it was 7 years ago!). Gee.. How fast the time flies.. And I’m getting older without realizing it.

Btw, in the end, I decided to name this blog with it. Mirai no monogatari o egakou..

At last.. My own seriously-hopeful-not-just-creating-and no-more blog..

Actually, I really want to do it since years ago. I even have my first blog when I’m still in junior high school. At that time, geocities had provided a template to make our own websites then free host them using their domain. I remember filling my website with anything about Digimon Adventures in Bahasa Indonesia. (Ahahah.. What a memory!) How naïf of me..

Well, the main problem is about what will I write in it. I’m not the type of person who can freely write their thoughts, their feelings. I don’t even hope that anyone will read this post! But I’ll try..

Mirai no monogatari o egakou!!